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What is "Business Success"

What is your definition of “Business Success”? As a numbers person I immediately think of it in monetary terms. Is it when your company reaches an annual sales goal? Maybe you have finally achieved a profit target of 10%. Or you are through the moon because you have a sustained profit margin of 12% while your competitors only return 10%.

But as an entrepreneur, you know that business success can be so much more. You started with an idea and built a business into something that has lasted. Just this process of creation can give you great sense of accomplishment. Not to mention all the challenges you faced and overcame. You’ve developed skills and strengths that you never dreamed were possible.

For most of us, our business lives and dies by our clients. Maybe you judge success by serving a certain number of clients. There I go again, trying to define everything with numbers. Or your success is being able to focus on a couple clients at a time. Helping a client achieve a goal or overcome a problem is so rewarding – and is probably why you got into business in the first place.

Even though you love your business, it isn’t your whole life. You have worked night and day creating your dream, and you are now in a position to reap the rewards. Business success to you may be “time”. Time to work on your business, time to spend with your family, time to take care of yourself, time to do what you love.

Business success comes in many forms and is what you define, based the results that encompass your business and on your own unique needs.

How do you define your “Business Success”?

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