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Elizabeth A. Lee

With over 25 years of financial/accounting experience, I started Business Plus
Bookkeeping to provide cost effective services to the small business owner, consultant, and independent professional. I have a BS from the University of Nebraska, a Certificate of Accounting from UCLA, and an MBA from Pepperdine University.


I will work with you to provide whatever your business needs.  Whether that is getting your books in order, educating you on your finances, providing timely information, and/or explaining exactly what your financial statements are telling you about your business.   

Business Plus Bookkeeping is a boutique bookkeeping firm, offering virtual and traditional bookkeeping services.   We offer a variety of services and will custom tailor a plan to fit any situation.   Although we specialize in services for small business owners, consultants, and independent professionals, we welcome businesses of any size or industry type.  

By letting us take over your bookkeeping tasks, you are able to reduce your cost structure and focus those resources on your business.  You and your team can concentrate your efforts where they are most needed:  growth and profitability.  We will help you stay on track as your company grows to the next level.


Where do you stand financially?

Where are you headed?


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